Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Is Here!

Some people mistakenly think that all it does in Washington is rain. This is not true! Especially in the area of Washington in which we live. Sure, we do get rain. Sometimes it rains for longer than any of us would like, but living amid the green is so totally worth the little issue of "rain." However, it has been a bit of a transition for us because even when it was raining in DC, the sun was usually out. Or it came out the next day. Here, sometimes the sun hides a little longer than I have been used to - especially during the winter. So we were all happy to welcome the spring the past week or so! The sun has been out, the temps have been warmer, and the rain has been intermittent and, some days, nonexistent! So - HOORAY for SPRING!!!

In case you didn't mark it on your calendar (oh, you ALL did, you know it!), Caroline turned 5 months old about... 2 weeks ago. HAHA! Here's some pics of her on the day it happened:

That's my girl! She's just had her tubby and is getting shmeared with lotions! I can't believe she is smiling here - for some reason the lotion part is the part she hates most when it comes to bath time!

Another smile after one of the worst parts of bath time - getting OUT of the tub! Noooooo!!! Isn't the towel fab? Thanks Auntie Jen!!!

Our little princess love, love, loveeesss to stand. She'd prefer to be on her feet to almost anything. You know, aside from being held, eating people's faces, crying, etc. No noodle legs here. I figure she'll be walking long before she masters the art of crawling. Kind of like her brother.

So we also had Caroline's first Easter and Soren's 11th. That's strange to say. I don't think I'll say that anymore. I honestly failed at taking pictures of everything, but I did get one of Caroline in this fabulous dress her Grandma gave her for Christmas.

We had an Easter Egg hunt, but I think she was asleep for the whole thing. And dinner with most of my family (sans my sisters and their families since they don't live here.... ). It was all pretty mellow and casual. That's how we roll. Well that's how *I* tend to roll, anyway.

Last weekend we took the whole family to the temple and walked around outside for a bit and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

It was a gorgeous day and super nice to go and enjoy the sweet feelings we all had while we were there. Soren and Caroline headed back home with Nana and Papa and Alan and I stayed at the temple and did some service there. It was very nice, but hard to be away from my kiddos!

So that's the latest with some recent pics. I will leave with this picture - which is posted mainly for my friend April, but also because baby feet are cute to share with anyone:

Do you see those socks? Those are HAPPY socks! And they are on cute, finally chubby, little baby toes! And feet.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

O.. Hai!

Remember me?

Did you think I got lost and stuck on my trip home from DC? Well, if you live in DC, you know I didn't, else I would have been stalking you all and spending copious amounts of time with you.

Honestly, I don't know why I've been on my own personal blog-vacation, but I have. I guess I feel like life is pretty much the same, ya know? How much do you want to hear about Soren and Caroline, anyway?


You DO want to hear about them? And see pics? My bad.

Really, I've just been pretty sleep deprived because someone I know (name withheld to protect the not-so-innocent) has decided that sleeping is for babies and she's a big girl. Or something. I dunno. I mean, I love spending time with (name removed), but when most of it is spent with loud screaming in my ear? Well, let's just say I've upped my dosage of Tylenol. The sleep deprivation causes me to spend a very limited amount of time on the computer, mainly because when I am slightly awake, I usually have my adorable daughter wailing laying in my arms.

I really do love being a mom. Honest! In fact, I'm anxious to have another child join the ranks of our little clan (which is a totally fitting word because we are Scottish!). Of course, who knows how long THAT will take. Oh well. Heavenly Father obviously wants me to learn patience and none of the many, many, many lessons I have had thus far seem to be working, apparently, or else I wouldn't need any more, right? Hee hee.

Oh, right. You wanted pictures. Unfortunately, my camera is upstairs. So all you get are a few that I took with my phone:

They are so cute! Every few weeks I take a picture of the two of them and stick it as the wallpaper on my phone. This is the latest version I have.

A rare image.... so precious, though!

Our goofy boy being... well... goofy!

So cute!

Ok, that's it for now. I've got "someone" yelling again.

I'll try to get those pics off my camera soon for those that are hungry for more!